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免费在线英语学习 口语练习 四级听力资料 在线翻译 网络课堂 英语社区

题目:Advantages and Disadvantages of Urbanization(城市化利弊谈)

写作提纲: 1.城市化的利弊;

Urbanization has been a subject of heated discussion for a long time. Some people are in favor, while others are opposed. In my opinion, urbanization has both advantages and disadvantages.

Generally, the advantages of urbanization can be listed as follows. First, urbanization can quicken our pace to catch up with the developed countries. We all know that the developed countries are all highly urbanized. Second, urbanization will help to solve the problem of unemployment. It will create more job opportunities for the unemployed. In addition, urbanization will free a great number of farmers from the fields, thus realizing the dream of agricultural mechanization in our country. Finally, urbanization can improve the standards of living of the migrants who move to the urban area.

However, the disadvantages of urbanization are also obvious. To begin with, administration of the increasing population in urban area might be a great challenge to the government. Moreover, more problems, such as increasing crime rate, over crowding, might increase, since more people are concentrated in a relatively smaller place.

It is evident that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, I am in favor of urbanization.